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About Us

Pharmacy remains at the heart of the business. The main objective of the pharmacy staff is to ensure that customers are getting the information they need about their prescriptions. MacKinnons pharmacists are always available to help you choose the most appropriate non-prescription drugs. They can also assist you with the dosage and use of prescription drugs, in partnership with your family doctor, for the best treatment possible. They can also provide a pill dispenser as well as pre-established schedules for taking your medications. MacKinnons Pharmasave will deliver, free of charge, your prescriptions and will properly dispose of your expired medication.

MacKinnons Pharmasave Home Health Department carries products from Ostomy and incontinence to durable medical equipment. Product categories include daily living needs – reaching aids, reading glasses and drinking tubes, diabetic products – syringes and alcohol swabs; respiratory therapy – inhalers and vaporizers; pre and post natal care – breast pumps, nursing pads and sitz bath supplies; bathroom supplies and aids – grab bars, bath wall and tub side rails and shower seats; convalescent room supplies – commodes, therapeutic pillows, bed pans and bed wedges; mobility aids – walkers, canes, crutches and wheelchairs.

Braces, elastic bandages, insoles, surgical hose and support hose are also in stock at the store. 

The cashiers, floor staff and stockroom staff have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping customers with their shopping needs. They take care of lotto tickets, candy, cosmetics, magazines, cards and dental supplies.

Stop in and check out the latest MacKinnons Pharmasave has to offer!